Her leaf also shall not wither and whatsoever she does shall prosper

-Psalm 1:3


As a California native, Leaf grew up surrounded by influence. Both her parents were creatives and street evangelists who, by their witness, planted the seed faith and artistic expression within Leaf’s soul. Her father was an independent filmmaker, college professor and visual artist. He’d introduced Leaf to some of his favorite musicians-Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Charlie Parker and Mahalia Jackson. Her mother was a childhood television star, acting in historic groundbreaking shows as – Julia, The Leslie Uggams Show, Mr. Novac, and The Love Boat.

Continuing the legacy, Leaf has accomplished great milestones in her career and has used her gifts to help others. In addition to contributing to several independent films, she has appeared on an NAACP and Shine award episode of “Girl Friends,” and won the BET reality TV singing contest “Welcome to Dreamland.” Leaf has supported several philanthropic causes and has hosted the Jasmine Lynn Fundraiser Tribute, to raise awareness of non-profit organizations with youth initiatives. As a music teacher, she educates youth about the power of music and the importance of using their talents to make meaningful contributions to society.

A psalmist of many talents, Leaf’s professionalism, dedication and passion for people continue to resound and attract diverse audiences worldwide.